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Nothing bought! Cold Steel Black Talon 60BT folding knife. Durable titanium frame, forged titanium hilt, overlay, .. 38756 руб.

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Knives Cold Steel, one might say, passed the fire, water and copper pipes in the process of its creation. The role of fire and water took on himself the creator - Lynn Thompson, who subjected his offspring to the tests, capable of breaking any knife.

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Нож Cold Steel модель 20KL Eland. 800 Руб.Нож Cold Steel 27TDSRY Micro Recon 1 Spear Point. 2590 Руб. Нож Cold Steel 95FB Pocket Bushman.

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Knives Cold Steel. Cold Steel knives for sale. Collections of folding and hunting knives Cold Steel, plastic knives Coldsteel, machetes of this famous American company.

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Knife folding Kudu Cold Steel, USA. Folding knife based on knives from South Africa. Blade length - 103 mm. Buy knives - this is us! Large folding knife made of Japanese steel in the style of tanto.

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Buy Cold Steel Knife in the online store Cold Steel Knives is very simple. Lynn Thomson did not begin to invent the "bicycle", he began to look for perfect and practical forms of blades in the history of knives.

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Yes, some of the Cold Steel knives are expensive because they are made of first-class materials. But along with them, available on our website are also available Cold Steel knives, which can be bought at a special price!

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Retail store of crossbows and bows in Moscow. You can buy a crossbow or a bow from us. Folding knives Cold Steel (USA). Folding knife firm Cold Steel "Kudu" CS / 20K.

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This is just one of many examples of how Cold Steel specialists manage to breathe new life into old types of weapons. Perhaps Lynn Thomson is right when he claims that only his Cold Steel is able to create the best knives on the entire planet.

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Manufacturer: Cold Steel Purpose: Machete knife Blade (steel): Carbon 1055 Total knife length, mm: 470 Blade length, mm: 340 Maximum blade width, mm: 71 Butt thickness, mm: 2.5 Handle (material): Kraton Weight , gr: 520 Sheath (material): Cordura Country: United States.

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Would you like to buy a Cold Steel knife at an incredibly competitive price? So in 2015 we are pleased to present to your attention an updated collection of Cold Steel knives. The entire range of Cold Steel in our online store.

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Cold Steel - Buy with delivery knives and canes Cold Steel, buy machetes and axes of Cold Steel. Steel for knives: general information. The main alloying elements in knife steel. SOG is expanding its tourist offer.

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Brand: Cold + Steel. How to buy Kershaw Knives in your city? Products at auction are many times cheaper than in Russia. Buying on eBay today is profitable!

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China knives. Currency p. $ Shopping cart. Products: 0 (0р.) Nothing bought! Battle knife brass knuckles Cold steel NKCS002. Full length: 23 cm. Blade length: 9 cm. Blade width: 2.8 cm. Blade thickness: 2.8 mm. 1470р.

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The MesserMeister online store offers to buy Folding Knives Cold Steel from the USA at an affordable price. The Cold Steel knives are not afraid of the toughest tests, huge loads and "barbaric" treatment.

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We sell knives with delivery in Moscow and all of Russia as soon as possible (delivery methods and prices). You can buy Cold Steel folding knife in our online store by ordering courier delivery at a convenient time for you.

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Buy Cold Steel knives in Moscow. Founded in 1980, Cold Steel Inc. considers its main purpose to produce only the strongest, most reliable and sharp knives in the world.

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Knives Cold Steel. Baseball cap Cold Steel Material - cotton / polyester Size - b / p. 740 rub. Kubotan Cold Steel 91K Koga SD1.

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We can buy weapons, pistols and rifles without a license, bullets, sights, holsters, knives. Wholesale and retail sales in Moscow and regions of Russia. Cold Steel knives are considered the strongest and sharpest in the world.

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On our website you can also Compare prices, read reviews, see photos, order Cold Steel delivery in Moscow and to any region of Russia. default. Knife Mini Tac Tanto CS_49HTF. 1,760rub.

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The company's portfolio includes an extensive range of knives (pocket and fixed blades), as well as swords, axes, machetes, scabbards, etc. Today, you can buy Cold Steel knives anywhere in the world.

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hole in the handle of the knife for a safety cord. 5100 r. Buy. Pre-order. In comparison. Tactical folding knives of the Cold Steel Recon 1 series.

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And Moscow is no exception - Cold Steel knives can be bought in Moscow in many places. But this does not mean that you will purchase genuine products from Cold Steel! The highest popularity of Cold Steel products worldwide (including in Russia) ...

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In our store you can buy a Cold Steel knife with a certificate for Russia, some models are being finalized in order to remain in free circulation in Russia.

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“Just as there can be only one president in America, only one company in the world can produce the best knives,” says Lynn Thompson. Cold Steel American Lawman, CTS-XHP. 6,490.00 p. Buy. To favorites.

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Looking for knives? You can buy from us at a bargain price. Cold Steel CODE 4 TantoCold Steel. 5100 rub. Purpose: Knife for the city.

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10% discount on Cold Steel in July. Knives Cold Steel / Folding knives. Sorting by: alphabetical - price - popularity. Price from: to: Price list catalog. Knife Cold Steel model 10ALC Counter Point I.

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Official dealer digging Cold Steel. The company is known for its variety of knives, saws, axes, machetes, accessories for training and sports tourism. Cold Steel knives are world famous.

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Today, millions of connoisseurs of cold arms around the world are looking for opportunities to buy a quality folding knife and prefer Cold Steel knives! Now you can purchase such knives in the “Camouflage ru” shop.

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Home Catalog Non-folding knives Cold Steel Knife. Making a purchase on our website with cash on delivery through the Russian Post company, you only need to specify: - Full name, - Your mailing address and telephone number.

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Over the past three decades, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of many innovations that have had a significant impact on the development of the entire knife industry as a whole. 29 150.00 rubles. Buy. Cold Steel Espada Extra Large - folding knife.

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The indestructibility of products in combination with the price and a diverse range of models put Cold Steel in the lead of knife manufacturers. Buy Cold Steel knife prestigious. Knives Cold Steel powerful, reliable, with a comfortable, not heavy handle.

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Cold Steel knives are famous for their unique and sometimes unique design! A large selection of knives from Cold Steel in the store. Cold Steel micro micro recon. 2300 rub. In garbage. Buy in 1 click.

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Buy COLD STEEL in the online store Compare prices, read reviews, see photos. Folding Knife Cold Steel 27TLCTH Recon 1 Tanto Half Serrated, steel CTS-XHP.

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Cold Steel knives. Here you will find 34 Cold steel models, since we have collected one of the widest assortments that can be found in Moscow.

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So, you can buy products from three-layer steel - three strips of steel of different types are connected into one blade. Such a knife from Cold Steel will be as sharp, efficient as possible and will not blunt even under considerable loads.

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Manufacturer: Cold Steel Model: Knife Steel Tiger 49KS. Buy. Price: Manufacturer: Cold Steel Model: Custom Quality Pendleton Hunter 60SPH utility knife.

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You can buy Cold Steel 38 SRK in Brutalik. Knife Cold Steel 38 SRK is one of the most popular..Buy a knife Cold Steel Hold Out II One of the most convenient, according to the creators, Cold Steel Hol ..

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Cold Steel knives are a huge selection of Cold Steel knives: hunting and tourist knives, fishing and camping knives and much more. 35 years ago, an outstanding man, Lynn Thompson, created the American company Cold Steel.

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Cold Steel (Cold Steel) - a detailed catalog of knives in the online store Basselard. Chain of retail stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Promotion: Buy a Bench, Get a Cap! More friends VKontakte (Part 2) !!! Do it yourself.

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Find out the price and buy knives ColdSteel (Cold stil). Delivery across all Russia. Topor training Cold Steel Trench Hawk 92BKPTH.

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Cold Steel knives are notable for excellent steel quality, reliable fastening and original design. For whatever purpose you decide to buy ColdSteel, you can always choose a knife that will satisfy all your needs.

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The main. About Shop. How to buy. Shipping and payment. Warranties. Folding knife COLD STEEL Point I 10ALC. 5 250 rub. Item in the cart.

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Cold Steel (from the English. Cold steel) is an American company that produces knives, swords and other bladed and impact weapons and tools. You can buy cold steel in our online store.

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The technical characteristics of knives from Cold Steel have no equal, the most famous world brands do not compete with them, they are just trying to keep up with them, because of the skill and skill of engineers, multiplied by exquisite ...

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Buy a Cold Steel knife is both a simple and complex task. With such a huge line of knives, a frantic buyer can get confused. First you need to understand for what purposes you will use your knife, the length of the blade depends on it ...

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Our online store and our website is the official dealer of Cold Steel "Cool Steel" ("Cold Steel") products in Russia, we provide. You can buy Cold Steel professional knives at the best price in our online store in Moscow.

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The well-known American brand Cold Steel (Cold Steel), under which since 1980, produced various types of cold arms, folding, tactical, hunting and tourist knives, literally means "cold steel". Buy Cold Steel Knife ...

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Before release to the warehouse, a part of ColdSteel knives is withdrawn from each batch for transfer to the quality control workshop. If you want to buy a Cold Steel knife, do not hesitate - you will get the best price-quality ratio.

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Buy Cold Steel knife. This section presents the knives of the legendary company Cold Steel. All of them are of high quality, aggressive design, and are always popular among those who like knives.