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We suggest you test yourself for literacy, and at the same time get a 10% discount on any order in the online store opened the doors for all reading lovers of more than 50 new bookstores "Read-City" in Moscow and the regions (by all of Russia)

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Delivery is free in 245 stores in 98 cities of Russia. Phone 8-800-444-8-444. Internet tablet. PDA. Protection of information.

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The online store is more than 700 thousand books for you. Buy books cheaply - through the Internet with home delivery and pickup, order books by mail to any city.

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You can pick up products both by self-pickup and choose delivery by mail or courier to any city in Russia and neighboring countries. Fresh news, profitable promotions and sales - you will certainly be satisfied with the purchase in the online bookstore!

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Suspension of service due to violation of AUP. Please contact us if you are the owner of the website. Found by reference: The online store of books "Read-city" - one of the leading in Russia ...

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Phone "READING CITY". Help make the portal better! Book stores New bookstore in Moscow The first store under the brand name New Books in Moscow opened in 2000. The presence of an online store.

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I want to leave a review about the so-called store “Chitai-Gorod” at the address: Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov Street, Building 24. Today, I have not regretted my personal time, and on all book sites I want to thank the online bookstore LABIRINT, for understanding and ...

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Online book shop Labyrinth - a site where you can cheaply buy books, toys, audio, video (new items and bestsellers, more than 200,000 products). Delivery by mail, courier, through a network of pickup points in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other 30 cities. We read small.

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Shops "Chitay-gorod" offers its customers a wide range of productsIn the online store "Chitai-gorod" discounts from 3 to 10% when ordering a certain amount.

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Book online store "read the city." “Chitai-city” is a network of bookstores successfully operating in Moscow and other regions of Russia. And today it is also a large online bookstore!

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Shops Read-city on the map: If you have more complete information about the store - write to Thank you! Discounts in online stores.

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Shop Chitai-City in Moscow: promotions, sales and discounts. Notebook as a gift in Chitai-City in July 2015. Buy a notebook from the Cats in the City series in the online store - a notebook from the same series as a gift.

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How to order books in the store Read-city. The Chitai-City online bookstore offers its customers a convenient service for finding, purchasing and delivering the necessary books, stationery and souvenirs.

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Read the city. In addition to books, the store offers its visitors a wide range of stationery, a special range for professional artists and designers, media products, free internet access, and ticket sales on

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Moscow, Moscow. The federal network of bookstores "Read-city" and "New Book", in the shop "New Book", located at the address: ul. 26, p. 2, invites ... The seller in the online book store. Khairullina I.M. - Moscow, Moscow +30 places.

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You can receive books by mail, courier, or pick up at one of 2000 pickup points throughout Russia. To find the product you need and buy the book in the online store, use the search on the site or our catalog.

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Online store "read the city." Here you can buy books of different styles and directions. Free delivery to chain stores. Website:

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Online store "read the city." Here you can buy books of different styles and directions. Free delivery to chain stores. Site:

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About Shop. The online store “Read the City” is a one-stop shop where you can buy books, souvenirs, stationery, handicraft goods, and so on. Books and magazines. Work online store.

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Read City is a network of bookstores. You can buy books from us in 77 cities of Russia. Links. 8 links. Online bookstore with free delivery.

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And a few months ago, in search of a book, I came across the online store Chitai-town. The store itself in our city is there, I attribute it to the category of expensive ones, and therefore I immediately had a bias towards their online store.

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The network of bookstores Chitay-Gorod provided an opportunity for its customers to order books online. May 10, 2012 on the official site "Chitai-city" the opening of a new service - an online store.

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Filter: Online Store, Disabled Access, Gift Certificates. Class: Ordinary. So it is that it is located almost in the center of Moscow, most of the Chitai-city stores are scattered around the outskirts, which is also a plus.

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The Chitai-Gorod chain of stores is represented in our city by a rather large store in the very center of the city, but the prices are there. The first thing that interests the consumer in the online store, subject to the availability of the goods of interest there, is the terms of payment and delivery.

Read-City - Penza, Moscow, 63 (phone, mode of operation ... Title: "Internet-store books" read the city. " Buy books through the online store in Moscow and other cities. "

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Online Store Manager. The federal network of bookstores "Read the City" and ... - Moscow. Responsibilities: Tracking and rapid response to the client.

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Catalog of fiction, textbooks, books for children and parents; video on DVD, audio CDs, software. Search for books by author and title. Methods of delivery and payment of goods.

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Welcome to the online bookstore "Biblio-Globus"! If you come to our site, it means that you definitely love reading good books. Our online store works around the clock. Pickup points are located in the very center of Moscow, near the Lubyanka metro station, and ...

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IT, Internet, communication, telecom. 3. Personnel, personnel management.


Online store. The shops "Chitai-gorod" are included in one of the largest book-selling associations in our country - the United retail network "New Book - Bookvoed."

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From 11 to 18 April in the online store Chitai-City, prices are reduced to 30% for the entire range. For an order of 2 000 rubles, delivery is free. Phone 8-800-444-8-444 Online store Read-City

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Network of books "Read the city." Online store Follow.Request to follow.

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"Read-city" in Moscow. Moscow Bookstores. Number of stores: 40.All companies in Moscow Other bookstores All the shops "Chitai-gorod" Leave feedback on "Chit-gorod".

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the full name of the organization: the network of bookstores “Chitai-city” by the profile of the center is present in the sections: Books Stationery Educational literature Products for art and handicrafts - website of the New Book Center LLC ...

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For myself, I chose the Chitai-Gorod bookstore. They have an online store in which CHITAI-CITY is the favorite network of bookstores. The only thing I live in Perm, but not in Moscow :) I like to read very much and often I go to choose books in Read-City.

Found at the link: Online store World of the book - books by mail, goods ...

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Shop Chitay-city. The overall rating is based on 63 customer ratings and Marketta’s quality service data. The online store "Read the City" has more choices, there are books from previous years of publication. they are much cheaper than new editions.

"New Book" - a network of bookstores

Catalog of books. Information about the availability of books in the stores network. Addresses of shops.

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This section contains all the free coupons and promotional codes for which you can receive a gift, a discount or free shipping in the online store Read the city.

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Read-city @ chitaigorod · 1 Std. Vor 1 Stunde. If you do not really want;), then just order a book on Discounts for EVERYTHING in retail - 30%, in the online store - 20%!

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Account manager online store. Chain Store New Book And Read City - Moscow from 25,000 rubles. 1. Tracking and prompt response to customer inquiries.

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Read the city. Novokuznetsk, Tretyakov, bookstores. Included in the network of shops Chitai-city. +7 800 444 84 44, B. Ordynka, 21, bldg. 1 m. Novokuznetskaya, Tretyakovskaya Mode of operation: Mon-Sun 9.00–22.00.

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"Read-city" - the Russian federal network of bookstores. Founded in 2009. The first Chita-City stores were opened in 2009. As a result of the rebranding of the “New Book” company, several outlets (in Moscow and Omsk) ...

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Shops "Chitay-gorod" are included in one of the largest book-selling associations of our country - the United retail network "New Book - Bookvoed." Products. Catalog. Online store. Download a book.

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On the site of the online store "read the city" you can find a variety of children's literature. Here are books for children, as well as books on parenting for parents, books on psychology, science, health, tutorials, books on needlework.

READING CITY: ... Scope of activity: Book stores.

Fresh news Bookstores of CHITAI-CITY.1. Return, or exchange of sold books, in contrast to many domestic Internet merchants, is not carried out. I advise everyone to bypass the "New Book" or a "Read the City" party. www.

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For example, our stores in which you, dear friends, will always find books to your taste. We remind you that the new “Read-City” also became a pick-up point for orders from the online store

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Online store Read-city. online book stores and stationery. Choose books from a huge number of submitted items and send whatever you like, right into the "Add to cart".


Bookstore "read-city". Do not like poetry? We'll have to fall in love;) A contest started at, where everyone will get bonuses! - Active observers voting for participants will receive a 7% discount on purchases from the online store ...

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The All-Russian network of bookstores Chitay-Gorod is represented in Belgorod by three outlets. On the well-located and well-structured shelves of the “Read-City”, you can easily find the sensational novelties of sales, reprinted classics ...