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Determining the size of women's clothing depends on the country of manufacture. On the label adopted in Russia, the first number indicates the height (your height should fall within the range of ± 3 cm), the second number is the chest girth (by dividing this number Russian size 40 42 44 46 48 50 50.

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However, every woman knows that French and Russian clothing sizes are very different from each other. Here it becomes very important to correctly determine your French size.

French clothing sizes in Russian

French clothing sizes in Russian. Tights running Asics Knee tight edwin. Stylish running leggings for men.

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And the proposal is this: let's make up a table of conformity of all - of all sizes (American, Russian, French, Chinese, etc.) and place it here. That's the way Russian sizes of clothes correspond to Italian (mostly).

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The size of women's clothing. Pay your attention that all sizes on our site are specified in the American standard. For the most accurate selection of your size, all measurements are indicated corresponding to each size.

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We translate the adult size of US clothing into Russian. American clothing sizes vary in numbers from 0 to 22, the letter values ​​look like this: XS - extra small - very small

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Clothing sizes of French manufacturers differ from Russian and Ukrainian. The easiest way to determine the French clothing size is to take away the number 6 from the domestic clothing size, for example, if you wear the domestic size 48, then 48-6 = 42 ...

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Clothing for security structures. For the service industry. Headgear. In the French system, the size of the shoe is the length of the insole. English American French

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For example, if your Russian size is 44, it will correspond to French size 38. Table of matching sizes of clothes and shoes. American, Russian, German ...

Eur-38, uk-32, fr-40, i-42. and Russian is what size?

40 French is our 44 European 38 - this is exactly 44, my mother has such a size)) no, I mean 32nd, this is English 6th. They write like that on clothes

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The dimensions shown in the tables are not Russian sizes. In order to find out the appropriate French size, subtract "6" from your Russian size. Depending on the model, La Redoute clothing is presented in the following sizes: Top: sizes from 34 to 52.

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Menswear (Russian and European sizes of clothes in letter and numeric expressions) The French size differs from Russian by 4, and the Italian size - by only 2. To translate English European clothing size into Russian, you need to subtract 32.

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Clothing size is a number that is definitely calculated from height, chest girth, waist girth or hips girth. German and Japanese brands drive in the streets, and French or Italian clothes are sold in stores.

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Tables matching the size of clothes. To date, a single standard for size designation does not exist. In the Russian production for the upper part of clothing, sizes are set for height and chest girth for women, and for men - for height ...

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For example, having 44 "Russian" size, you need to buy clothes of the 38th "European" size. Russian women who want to buy such underwear will only need to take 4 from their Russian size to get the French size.

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Clothing from Germany is currently very popular in Russia, since the majority of consumers are fed up with cheap Chinese goods. The modern consumer wants a quality product for reasonable money. Shopaholic menu.

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The size of clothes and shoes must be selected according to the information in the store where you order the goods. Sizes may vary slightly between stores.

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sizes of children's clothes and clothes for teenagers (French catalog). infants (from 1 month to 2 years). age approx.

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Here we present to your attention size matching tables or international size systems in a Russian way. For your convenience, there are tables of sizes of clothes and shoes, rather, of compliance, we hope that it will help you in choosing and ...

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please tell me men's shorts 68 times. This is what size in Russian. I want to buy a female cardigan, the sizes of German clothes are indicated. I have 48-50 Russian, what is German? Thank!

Clothes sizes. Size Tables. European sizes.

Clothing size chart. About catalogs. Textile terms in Russian and German. Order conditions / Delivery, payment. Dictionary for German catalogs.

The size of underwear and tights - tables.

French belt waist sizes differ from European sizes by 2 units. Homewear. Women's corsets, body. Corrective, seamless underwear.


The dimensions of the products for the lower body, are established by the volume of the hips, for both men and women. Sizes of children's clothing - by age, height and chest girth of a child. JEWELRY CLOTHING.

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Translation: from French to Russian. from Russian to French. From Russian to: French. From French to: Russian. the size. Interpretation Translation.

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depending on what and whom? wives clothes in germany 34 - we have 40 and generally in europe the sizes vary by country. European sizes differ from Russians by 8 units. 34 + 8 = 42.

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2. The size for ordering clothes and underwear is determined on the basis of your measurements taken in accordance with the table “Clothes and Underwear” .4. Russian and French shoe sizes are usually the same. 5. Carefully follow our recommendations, and your purchases will give ...

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The ratio of the size of clothes and shoes in the standards of different countries. Women's sizes. Women's clothing. Russia Ukraine. 40

... British, European tables of clothing and footwear sizes.

For example, the Italian 50th size of clothing is not equal to the 50th French, and the American 9th shoe size will not be equal to the same size in England, although both there and there the systems would seem to correspond to each other.

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For example: your Russian clothing size is 46th, minus 6, it turns out that your French size is 40. Clothes from France, as a rule, are of different quality and are sewn according to the stated sizes, not deviating one centimeter.

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Clothes and shoes made in different countries have different size markings: English sizes differ from American, German sizes from Russian, Italian and French.


When buying clothes, many buyers are confronted with a confusion in size: sizes in letters, sizes in numbers - how to figure this out? For your convenience, we have put together a table of clothing sizes ...

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Size in the widest part. Women's clothing. Ratio of European (European), English (UK), American (US) sizes. Main sizes of clothes (English sizes UK).

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Since the site shows French sizes, for the convenience of choosing the size that suits you, the correspondences of Russian sizes to French for various categories of clothing are located below.

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Table of correspondence of sizes of women's clothing from minimum to large. The scale of sizes of clothes is international, Russian, German, French, Italian, American, English, sports, the scale of sizes of denim clothing..

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You will need: Clothes. Notebook. A pen. #one. Now, when a potential buyer comes to the store, he is lost not only from the abundance of colors, models, but also from the range of sizes.

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To facilitate the task of choosing clothes, in Europe, they adopted a unified system of dimensions, which takes into account several parameters such as a figure. Therefore, it is necessary to be oriented in the sizes of both European and Russian.

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German clothing sizes translated into Russian. - A question that for many is a problem. Of course, there is one common table of sizes in which you can see how your size looks in a “translation” into German.

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The required size can be calculated much simpler: 16 should be taken from its Russian size. Suppose you are wearing the 48th. The article is good, but the table with the sizes of clothes is inaccurate. On the example of the 46th size = M, French = 40, German = 38.

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Size Tables. Here you can find out your size, choose the size of clothes, translate Russian size to International, USA, European, British, French, German sizes.

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French linen clothing brands. French underwear La Charente. Shop tour. Curtains and tablecloths format 3D. Sizes of men's clothing. How to determine your sample size?

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German sizes. Russian size. Actual cut and fashion design, the latest trends in world fashion! Clothing line for the modern young woman who follows the most acute fashion trends.

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Caps Letter size XS S M L XL Head circumference 54 56 58 60 62.

Size chart French women's clothing.

= Size Chart =. We pay your attention that on a site the Russian sizes are everywhere specified. (and factory sizes are given in brackets). Women's clothing.

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How to translate the European size in Russian. It is unexpected to see on the shelves of Russian stores products that do not have a "Russian" size. How to translate Chinese clothing size into Russian.

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Clothing sizes - some alphabetic or numeric code corresponding to certain linear parameters of the human body or its parts, for which (which) this item of clothing is intended.

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I did not find a table of correspondence of Russian and French sizes in men's clothes. Or rather, you need to see men's shirts. I know the Russian size, that 52.

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Be careful when choosing German, French, and Italian clothes, some well-known brands also have their own table of sizes. Russian size.

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For example, the Russian size of 44 corresponds to the French size 38. Table sizes of children's clothing (Russia, England, EU, USA). In principle, children's clothes are produced in standardized sizes, but, as for adult clothes, each manufacturer has ...

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French clothing sizes. To choose for yourself the right size of clothes or shoes, use the special size chart on the website of the online store. The site shows French sizes. For example, if for women Russian is size 44, then he will be ...