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yosstheboss Spotting Price Swings & Seasonal Patterns: Techniques for Precisely Timing Major Market Moves with Jake Bernstein
Not that effective
Bernstein goes through his own trading strategy, similar to his book, which is actually one of the biggest sellers on amazon when it comes to trading. There is of course a lot you can take...
LonnieHampton JohnWelshTrades DVD - Resume Is Real Time
Basic production but the content is...
Welsh advertises this as an excellent presentation for beginning and intermediate traders, and that's an accurate label. He goes over the psychology of trades, especially loss, which few...
Duncan24 TIMfundamentals
Very Informative Product!
I was a little hesitant about this DVD after watching the first two discs but the next two made this purchase completely worth it! The first 2 discs follow Tim as he coaches a student in...