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Wonderland were put together after auditions were held for five females in July

Wonderland were put together after auditions were held for five females in July In October Wonderland had signed a six figure record deal with Mercury Records.

The programme followed the band for two years as they prepared to release their debut single and album. Their debut album was released on 6 June , the same day as their second single, "Starlight". Album peaked at 6 in Ireland and 8 in UK.

На музыкальном портале Вы можете успешно скачать и слушать онлайн песню «Конфетти» (Наташа Королева) в формате mp3. Читать дальше...

The following month, it was announced the band had been dropped by their record label. On 28 September , it was confirmed Wonderland had split up. Heartbeat was co-written by an experienced team of Irish and Swedish songwriters: I chose a great pop song with a Celtic twist as I love traditional Irish music.

Last year was a great learning experience for me. Hopefully we can go all the way and make Ireland proud. Yes, we can -linn!

Ирландия принимает участие в конкурсе песни «Евровидение » в Копенгагене, Дания. Представитель был выбран путём национального отбора при помощи конкурса «Eurosong », организованным ирландским национальным вещателем «RTÉ».

I think the song Heartbeat might have suited me a bit better too. My mentor Hazel Kaneswaran picked me for the song because she thought my voice matched it very well. Everybody did their bit and we can all be proud of our performance". She came up with the idea of both Can-Linn the act and Heartbeat the song and teamed up with three Swedish songwriters Jonas Gladnikoff, Patrizia Helander and Rasmus Palmgren to put it all together.

Сын и дочь Полины Гагариной. Сын певицы Андрей родился в октябре году. Его отцом является первый муж звезды, актер Петр Кислов. Мальчик увлекается теннисом, играет на фортепиано, любит путешествовать. В школу Андрей пошел подготовленным. Читать дальше...

Once I hear about the song I sent in an audition and Hazel picked me out to sing along with the other performers for the act". They are really top class guys with years of experience, especially in tap dancing. Our two backing vocalists are Jenny Bowden and Donna Bissett. And then we have Sarah May Rogers on the fiddle.

Ireland participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Irish entry was selected through the national final Eurosong

The Irish Eurosong contest was our first project together so we were lucky in that we all gelled together quickly as both people and performers. We practiced together a lot. All of the hard work paid off". Kasey says that "there may be a couple of minor changes between now and the Eurovision, but you have to be careful when changing anything.

They have already, prior to the preselection produced a music video for the "Heartbeat": The video looks great. We shot the entire video in the Production Suite where a lot of the actual music for Heartbeat was mixed". A lot of our twitter followers are from mainland Europe. Kasey has already heard some of the songs taking part in Eurovision , and this is what she had to say: Both are very powerful songs which I think will do very well in May. Speaking about her previous contest experiences, she says: That itself was a competition I suppose.

I just like to go out and do my best. If people like me they like me. I try not to think to much about the competitive element of it". We try to reply to as many of the fans as possible and always enjoy hearing feedback from around the world", say Kasey Smith and Can-linn.

You can read full interview on our Facebook page. Again, 5 mentors will be responsible for selection of competing entries, and the combination of televoting and regional jury voting will choose winning song.

The mentors were given deadline to submit detals about their chosen song and act by January 3, and final version of the song by February 3, The mentors for "Eurosong " are:

Они представляли Ирландию на конкурсе Евровидение с песней «Heartbeat» (Сердцебиение),...

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Heartbeat (Евровидение Ирландия). Can-Linn ourinterestingworld.rueat (Евровиденье Ирландия). Can-linn feat Kasey...

Лайма Вайкуле, Владимир Винокур и Лев Лещенко - Трио - Продолжительность: QUEEN OF STYLE - Laima Vaikule просмотров.ЧАЙ ВДВОЁМ - TOP 20 - Лучшие песни - Продолжительность: Первое Музыкальное просмотров. Читать дальше...

Футбольная Исландия: викинги на поле боя и дома
Доминиканская Республика Египет Замбия Западная Сахара Зимбабве Израиль Индия Индонезия...
Слушать и скачать Can-linn & Kasey Smith - Heartbeat (Евровидение...
Cheesecake (Евровидение Беларусь) (Евровидение Украина) Мария Яремчук.
Ирландия на Евровидении Ирландию на конкурсе Евровидение представляют Can-linn и...

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